Meet Baby Aurelia

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Meet Baby Aurelia

It’s hard to believe that less than one year ago I was shooting the wedding for Ronni and Nate and here I am giving the sneak peek at Baby Aurelia.  I figured, let’s show one quick flash back to another one of their great days.


During each wedding, I like to grab a hold of the rings for an image (flashback again)… 407

… This week, I have them in my hands again and placed them upon Aurelia’s feet as she slept (which took a while to make that part happen)


Actually, what we found to work the best to help keep Aurelia asleep was the sound of her Daddy playing his guitar… (he’s the bass player for Go Go Gadjet… go check them out!)  I have a feeling he will be playing it more when the fussy nights come around.

051-EditEnough talking… enjoy the rest of the images.

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